Visual identity for the 120th Canton Fair officially launched

Visual identity for the 120th Canton Fair officially launched
(By China Foreign Trade Centre)

On Oct 15 2016, Canton Fair will mark its 120th session with grand celebration. To convey Canton Fair’s spirit of reform and opening up, innovation and progress, and win-win cooperation with a simple visual effect and to enhance Canton Fair’s influence, China Foreign Trade Centre has designed the visual identity of the 120th Canton Fair as follows:

The VI took elements of the number 120 in silk ribbon, Canton Fair in English, Canton Fair’s flower logo and the time “1957-2016” in the design.Xiang Sheng Paper Products Co., Ltd  welcome to China,which such as Facial Tissue, Pocket Tissue Paper ,Box Facial Tissue, Paper Napkins, Paper Plate, Paper Cup, Party Napkins, Paper Bag, and All kinds of other tissue paper products, It shows that Canton Fair is the modern equivalent of China’s ancient Silk Road, the window of China’s opening up to the world, the bond of friendship between peoples in the world, and the bridge connecting China and the global economy and trade.

This VI will be used in the celebration for the 120th Canton Fair and other events.

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